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Report - The Cross Keys, Crewe - May 2015


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The Cross Keys was a well known boozer in the town of Crewe, Cheshire. For over 100 years it provided its patrons with Ale. It was built around the turn of the 20th century and is a large red brick structure, the pub spent its final few years regally changing hands before it landed with Taylor Wimpy a housing developer who saw it close for good in March 2011.


The Cross Keys (2010)
The Visit
The night started at a different pub that I was looking to explore, after that fell through due to increased protection I headed home, I drove past the 'Keys' and thought I'd have a quick look around the outside (having been a few weeks ago, it was locked down with no way in. I couldn't believe my look when I spotted a way in. The pub is in really good nick apart fro the odd bit of plastering that has fell from the roof and the occasional broken window. Once I was in I started to walk towards a table so I could put my bag down and take the camera out. What didn't catch my eye was the motion sensor (see last picture) screwed onto the bar. All of a sudden I saw it light up and it emitted a loud ringing sound. Knowing that I probably wouldn't get another chance to explore this place, I darted around the pub as fast as I could taking as many photos as possible whilst this little box was giving it all. I managed to get around the whole building including the cellar. I got out without getting seen. (That little alarm is probably still going off now). Haha
















Cheers for looking. :thumb
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Interesting place. It looks massive, shame so many pubs are closing at the moment

Julie Ann

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I live across the road from here, and although it was a well-run pub for a long time it ultimately couldn't compete with other local outlets, and as has been mentioned changed hands any number of times in it's final few years.

Currently, it is an eyesore. Looking at the photos I am alarmed at the amount of potentially flammable material that remains inside, I assumed the building had been gutted. If it goes up in flames, then me and my husband, plus our neighbours, would have to be evacuated. Wonderful.

I am told however that it is coming down soon, brick by brick, allowing the original bricks to be reclaimed and used to build a hostelry on the new development that will occupy the fields behind.

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