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Report - The Dolls House (Strip Club) - Christchurch - August 2014


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The Dolls House Strip Bar, as the name likely suggests, was a former strip club based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Following the earthquakes in 2011 the club was closed, due to the considerable structural damaged of the Chancery Complex in which it is located. The club was reportedly a popular venue, particularly for businessmen travelling through the city on alleged 'work related trips', and the female performers regularly received positive commentary and good reviews. In its final years though, the clubs reputation was blighted as the idea of a strip club in that vicinity was ill-received by some of the local populace. It also circulated that the club had close ties to the main local gang in Christchurch, and it soon became associated with various incidents in connection with drugs and regular episodes of violence. It would appear that the club was raided by police at some point in its history. Notwithstanding, originally, before being re-themed, the venue was known as the The Palladium Niteclub which opened in 1986, and soon after it became one of the biggest and most popular nightclubs in Christchurch. It was also the first club in the city to offer a full laser light-show. Over the subsequent years the nightclub played host to many popular DJs and bands, including Simple Minds; although they didn't stage a performance, they simply enjoyed the venue after hosting their own gig. The Palladium Niteclub operated up until 2000, when it was leased temporarily to a different owner and thereafter re-branded as a club named 'Illusions'. Due to later financial difficulties the lease was terminated and sold to David Henderson; the man behind the rise of 'The Dolls House'. Since the earthquakes no-one has been permitted entry to the premises and consequently it has been subject to looting and numerous robbery attempts. Although many of the original objects and features remain the damage is materially noticeable.

After having traveled across New Zealand to witness an old asylum we reentered Christchurch very much in the need of some well earned entertainment and pleasure. What then seemed better than a former strip club? We actually stumbled across this site accidentally though, whilst attempting to enter an alternative site. It certainly didn't disappoint by any means, and we were pretty stunned to have uncovered it. Inside we found various remnants of the strip clubs earlier history; including poles, stilettos, controversial props and lots of different styles of underwear. Being very careful not to touch anything, and after borrowing the leftover hand sanitiser, we proceeded to explore the nightclub inside and out. One of the most surprising finds was the 'secret panel' which opened up to reveal a very convenient little space, just out of sight of everyone enjoying the other entertainment elsewhere. What could possibly have gone on in there remains a mystery... ;) Unfortunately, as you'd probably expect, the former nightclub was pitch black (and that's an understatement), so the photos are by no means of the best quality. Explored with Urbex Central New Zealand and Nillskill.

1: The Dolls House Sign


2: Stage Floor With Poles


3: Stage Floor Sound and Lighting Systems


4: Stage Floor with Bar in Background


5: Old Mannequin


6: Dressing Room


7: Food Bar and Pool Table


8: Condoms


9: Former Wall Decor


10: Leftover Vouchers


11: Table/Booth with Orchid and Bottled Water


12: Seating (The Secret Room was behind the Wall with the City Wallpaper)


13: DJ Booth


14: Stiletto

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Yeah I like this. Would prefer colour shots though but your choice.

Actually I'd prefer to go there when it was open.

Rik UE

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Nice report, very different!

OT from a search on Youtube, it now looks like you have to visit Perth where they have relocated ;)


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Nice work, i hope you didn't touch anything without gloves on, a strip club with condoms, Mmmmm dodgy.


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Excellent set of snaps, the attention to detail is excellent; also the black & white really gives it that rustic derp feel. I am especially loving the vouchers, who knew you could get a $2 lapdance? heh


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really enjoyed this. would love to see this for myself....im a true perv