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Report - The Dormy Hotel, Dorset, March 2014


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Hi guys,

This is my first report so CC is welcome!

The Dormy Hotel, Ferndown, was considered a luxury four star hotel when it opened and catered for some of the South's most rich and famous. Unfortunately due poor turnover the hotel shutdown in 2004 and has laid empty for the past 10 years.
Whilst many different prospective buyers submitted plans to the council to redevelop the beautiful 8 acre site, the hotel is still standing.
It was purchased in November 2012 with a plan to turn it into a large retirement home and several blocks of flats and whilst builders have obviously attended the site, no work has yet begun.

The hotel is now is an unbelievable condition, (which I can safely attribute to the extremely lacking security and creative gate planning). Almost every window has been smashed, fires have destroyed parts of building and the water logged floorboards make some parts of the hotel un-passable.

This post card of the Dormy in it's prime gives a stark view of how much damage has been caused in recent years.

P.s, sorry for the picture quality - I only had an iPhone with me which appears to have considerably let me down..









An example of the worst parts of the building

The stage

Most of the rooms are stripped bare, we didn't dare venture upstairs in this building though...

Thanks for reading guys!

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Re: The Dormy Hotel, March 2014

thanks for sharing but could you pop a location on the title please

The Wombat

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Good report, pool looks nice for a dip
thanks for sharing


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Nice report :) I live about 10 minutes from this site and went down to do some recon work this evening.. there seems to be a definite presence of demolition activity as various JCB's are now parked on site.. but the hotel is still standing and the leisure center doesn't appear to have been touched yet. I am planning a visit with the camera over the next couple of days!

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