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Report - The Earth Center, Doncaster.


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The History
The first stage of that project opened in 1994, including a sustainable aquaculture centre and a community farm.
In 1995 the Millennium Commission made an award to Earth Centre, which became one of its Landmark Millennium projects. The site was completely redesigned and virtually all existing landscaping and projects were destroyed, which lost the goodwill of the local community who felt excluded from the project. From 1996 work progressed on the remediation of the remaining polluted land and the design and construction of the many buildings and exhibitions. Phase 1 was only just completed in time for the gala opening, after several changes of layout, design details and false starts.

Phase 2
Thus it was that Earth Centre re-opened in May 2001. Suzy Brain England was brought in to turn the venture around and make the visitor attraction viable. More attractions were built as money from grants and other sources became available. A pirate ship was built, a crazy golf course and indoor 'Amazon Adventure' play area.
Education visits continued and more customers were initially attracted to the improved facilities. However, by 2003 it was obvious that the target visitor numbers were not being met, and by 2004, as increasing numbers of staff were leaving, it was evident that the centre was unviable.
In September 2004 the attraction closed to the public, and only pre-booked school parties were allowed. By the end of October, the Earth Centre, monument to Sustainability, was un-sustainable and was put in the hands of administrators.
The Earth Centre was used again in the floods of June 2007 for refugees whose homes had been damaged.

Mid 2008 the site has been acquired for use by Cerberus Airsoft for use as a 160 acre skirmish site.
The site also featured as an important location in the remade version of the BBC television series Survivors, aired in December 2008.[1]

The site could also be used again in 2009 for the BBC television series Survivors
(Info from Wikipedia)

The Explore
Mad max, Iron Monkey and myself decided to do something about it.
The Earth Centre near Doncaster has been on my radar for a about six months now. So with a pleasant sunny evening ahead of us we set off for some UE action.
Entry was reasonably straight forward, as long as up don't mind heights Once inside the compound there was loads to see and photograph. We all agreed that it would probably have been a pretty interesting place to look around when it was open.
Anyway we worked our way through the areas, avoiding the strategically placed CCTV. Until it was time to photograph the large buildings near the main gate and then make our escape. We knew we were seriously running the risk of getting seen here, so it was the obvious place to leave til the end.
So when we saw security coming over the footbridge we weren't sure whether we'd been seen or we were just unlucky. Diving into the undergrowth only feet from the path, we have no idea how we didn't get caught, but as he started to check the buildings, we beat a hasty retreat back to the car.

A few of my pics...

Sound Sculptures...

Sound Sculptures again...

Sound Trumpets...

Climbing wall exterior...

Climbing wall interior...


This picture makes me feel ill...

Woodland building by lake...

The earth center, doncaster, entrance from gate...

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