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Report - The Elms Cottage - Forest of Dean - March 2020


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Since moving house to Glos last year I've not really been out to do much exploring. At last I finally got my arse out of the house with the camera and started exploring recently. First stop was the Pine End factory in Lydney, however a quick google should have told me that it is now a pile of rubble. I found out the hard way instead, so on I went to plan B, C. D etc. Ended up at this little cottage and it turned out to be a gooden.

This lovely cottage is called The Elms and looks like it was abandoned in 2006~ and left to overgrow until around 2019 when it all got cut back and listed for sale. It's actually listed as sold quite recently at the tail end of 2019 but nothings been done with it since. Its the usual tale of the owners dying and the house sitting idle for many years before anyone does anything with it.

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The location is a bit weird with a very closed village feel, a bit League of Gentlemen like :rolleyes:
The cottage is quite lovely with some great original features. It's certainly not past living in again, but you'd have to be quite brave! The latest documents or newspaper I could find was 2006, so I'd guess that's around the time it got left.




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Great pictures mate, that looks lovely.
I only live down the road from you in Dursley, so if you're ever out and about and fancy some company, give me a shout, it'd be cool to meet up for a few explores if you fancy it?

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Rather nice this. Lovely little place. Liking the York stone? fire place, very 80s, is that a wood burner inside it? The dresser is lovely, I doubt it will be appreciated though.:thumb


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Very strange, I spotted this place a while ago and only yesterday thought I should check it out. Today was finally that day before we all get confined to our homes
Loved this place and spent a good while mooching road. I’m local too and would love to meet up with some people?

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