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Report - The Elms Retirement Home, Elmhurst, Aylesbury Jan-Feb ‘10


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Sorry about this, this is the third recent report on this place! This report took three short visits as I had to slot it in around work and uni.

First I visited this place with Mooks and True British Metal, then again with two friends of mine. Though Ive had my eye on this place for months!

Built by and originally owned by the council; this “Home for Older Peopleâ€￾ was constructed and opened in the 1970’s, and was home to older people. The site closed down in summer 2009 relocating its staff and residents to the new care home in Wing on June 15th. The council sold the site to The Fremantle Trust who still own the land and plan to demolish the existing building, and build a new care home on the plot.

The Elms provided accommodation for 56 elderly people, split into 5 different living groups. Each resident has their own bedroom, and each group has its own dining area and living area. These groups included: EMI (Elderly and Mentally Infirm) AKA Specialist Dementia Care Facilities.

The home is set in Elmhurst, a densely populated area of Aylesbury. The building is not very inspiring, and fairly demeaning. I would not like to have spent my last years here.

The site is currently used by the fire brigade as training ground. It is rumoured the building is subsiding, and has structural defects, as some of it is held up with recently installed joists.

Site is very fresh, some toilets still have a cistern of water in, and though a lot of features are stripped and in a skip, a lot of them still remain, including a bag of potatoes!

When I went back, we heard voices in the building, so left, only to find the fire brigade in the car park! They must have arrived just after us. I had pretty much all the photos I needed, so we left!

The site was closed due to structural defects, and due to the fact that the law governing living standards for care homes was amended, meaning that every single residential room should have an en-suite bathroom and the room needed to be of an acceptable size.

It would have crippled Fremantle to do this, so this home was closed.













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