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Report - The Elysium Cinema - Swansea - 10/5/10


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Well after the meet the other day i had a day or so spare to check up on some of the mountain of derelict cinemas in south wales. In the end we checked out 13! Things didnt start too well, we got seriously freaked out by a christan in latex gloves, then escaped and did the Gaity in Cardiff which was so modernised and 'clubbed out' it isnt even worth a report! Then the next 5 or 6 after that were total teases, awsome looking but with ways in that lead to dead ends, alarms and obvious but 'night time only' access points! By the time we had made it to Swansea it was looking like a fail but after alot of persistance we made it this one.

The Elysium has been done before by a few people and looked promising but id totaly underestimated how good it would be, not for any kind of grandure factor, simply for its awsomely retro contents and great interior designs. I loved it all, right from the round etched glass windows in the toilets to the bingo balls scattered about the floor. It closed in the early 90s but is pure 70s. The stalls are bingo'd but the seats remain in the circle seperated by the usual false ceiling. To be honest we didnt have next to enough time to explore it all, didnt even check the lobby or basements, load of nooks and crannys left to check out on return trip!

cinematreasures said:
A very impressive high fronted building at the top end of Swansea High Street just seconds away from the main line station. The Elysium Cinema opened on 11th April 1914 in a building which was part used as the Dock Workers Hall. It was designed by the architectural firm Ward & Ward of the Strand, London. It closed as a cinema in 1960 and went over to use as a bingo hall, which had closed by 1994. It has been boarded up for many years now.

This cinema/theatre is the one Swansea building of entertainment that never seems to get mentioned or anyone knows much about. Any info would be of great interest.











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