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The Empire Theatre Great Yarmouth started life as a Theatre later used as a Bingo Hall then a Nightclub called Zen but closed in 2009. had a little recce today and noticed 1. electricity is still very much on and a fire alarm box by the entrance was set off and showing zone 8. also noticed some sort of alarm system flashing but unsure if still live. after walking down the side of the building I noticed the letterbox flap missing and heard through it an alarm sounding (obviously from the nightclub days) shouting 'Emergency, Please leave the building by the nearest exit'. so not sure if this could be done but worth a try as had a look at old pics of it and it looks amazing. usual probs with pigeons and apparently the building regulary floods. not bad for a building up for rent for 75k per year. let me know if anyone is interested :)
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sounds good, but remember if it is open that you are in not so great yarmouth and it will be full of smack head pigeons and crack head rats


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Well,I live near the "Wonderful" Great Yarmouth,and have wanted to have a look around ever since I first set my eyes on it! I recently had a look around the building,cant seem to find a way in..also round the back of the theater are various houses..so I wouldn't risk it!


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Really wanted to go in last time I was there :) didn't though as it was just a short trip and not a splore trip