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Report - The end of ivy house March 20


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
I’m sure most explorers have seen pictures of ivy house or axe house or the mad scientist’s house or what every other names it has and most have had the pleasure to explored there.

This place was my very first explore early last year
I fish the lakes across the road and would see people in and out all the time
One evening I seen a group coming out the bushes along side the house so decided to ask what they were doing
They told me they explore abandoned buildings factories etc taking pictures I just couldn’t believe this house was just forgotten about
So the next morning when my fishing gear was packed away decided to have a look and was amazed this house was just abandoned..
Any way every couple of month’s I would still visit here each time finding new things I hadn’t seen the previous visit’s
But the last couple of months the place has been really trashed my last visit in early February couldn’t believe the state of the place every shed window has been smashed, all the items dragged out and thrown everywhere the stunning stain glass in the hall way smashed to gain access a shed has been burnt down
So decided to speak to a local asking if he new anything of what had been going on,
To find out the house is still owned by family members who just won’t it sold
He said they see people all the time going on and off there not bothered if they can’t hear them they know most just take pictures they see them standing in the road taking photos

but the last 6 months he said he’s witnessed groups of explorers just trashing the place
he showed me pictures he has passed on to the police one of the person who he believed smashed the stain glass window to gain access and another of some fat prick trying to take a board of a window with a spade
Since when was exploring abandoned properties about vandalism and breaking in,smashing windows and arson
And now a few days ago someone has set the main barn that faces the road on fire, it’s only 30 feet away from the neighbours house and had a few gas bottles inside luckily enough they didn’t go up but kept the road closed for most the day
I know really do think this will be the end of here thanks to a couple of mindless dickheads
hopefully the cctv got them and they get a few years for arson









Now a few from its most recent arson attack







grumpy sod
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They aren't 'explorers' vandalising it, they are yobs and morons. 95% of the time the two are distinct separate entities, all it takes is a small group of local idiots to find somewhere and for them to completely do it over, it's happened before and will happen again.

Bikin Glynn

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Regular User
Disgraceful but seems to happen to everywhere eventually.
Think it hits home more when its a place u have explored in relative good condition in the past.
I still cant understand what anyone gets out of doing this, I can understand if not forgive stealing but some people just need a slap!

Calamity Jane

i see beauty in the unloved, places & things
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Mook is right, these are not explorers, its mindless, bored, childish arseholes. Makes my blood boil mindless vandalism :mad: .


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
It seems to be happening at most places now especially this last year, that’s why locations shouldn’t be posted
I was thinking it was kids until I seen the pictures and it’s too out the way for them anyway

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