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Report (Permission Visit) The English Lounge Manchester 0614


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Originally named the Wheatsheaf and then the Hogshead, there is little information on the history of this building! It only appeared in the papers in 1882 when it was struck by lightening, caught fire causing two stories to collapse and a brave landlord went in to rescue a trapped barmaid!
And the upper floors is what triggered my curiosity! While doing some work there I asked where the TV aerial amplifier was! The manager pointed upwards to a trap door and I was warned that it's derelict and pretty dangerous up there!
It was a sherwinggg moment for me and with some careful negotiation (Begging) I was allowed to return with my camera and explore kit! The locked away trapdoor is the only way up and there is a further 3 floors above the first! I had to be careful in case I trod badly and ended up in someone's dinner two floors below!
I was told that it had been a brothel at some point - why do I always end up in these places of disrepute! Albeit, closed for a long time!
A special thanks to the staff for letting me up there and I recommend to everyone to view their fine foods and guest beers and consume both in large amounts!
It makes you wonder what else is right under our noses, even in the city centres!

Top landing!

Old Khazi! the cistern was on the floor and it certainly was a room for Little persons!

Cracked plaster.

Old wash basin and a tiny fireplace! The only one remaining!


Middle landing!

To the rooms! I found one door with 42 on it, they were tiny hence so many!

Bottom landing.

This was outside the door! Any clues?

Old tiled walls.

The only remaining fireplace.


Door chain! Well - who knows what the maid might walk into otherwise?

Room service?


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Beautifully done. There must be so many places like this in Manchester, lower floors in use upper floors out of use. I have tried on several occasions to do some around shude hill but the owners are very reluctant to let people in…just keep asking till they give in usually works.


I call bullshit!
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Very nice find mate.

Pic 9 - I like the idea of a dildo holder, but I think it's a bracket for a "Pyrene" fire extinguisher.