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Report - The Falcon – Surrey – May 2016

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The History bit

I know it’s a cliché but….​

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away
well, 1977 actually,

some awesome guys and girls got together
and made a film that would make
many a young boys fantasy a reality.

Ok so I don’t mean having a big hairy friend
or kissing your sister
but you get the gist.

Space travel and Jedi’s became a way of life
for those of us now in our 40’s.

The Kenner toy company made this even more
of a reality by producing the best toys ever!

Who would have thought that all these years
later I’d still be buying Star Wars toys
for my kids……

Nowadays the franchise is massive, Star Wars figures, books, Lego, bed spreads, angry birds, you name it you can get it with your favourite Star Wars character on.

Now this wasn’t my first attempt at a Star Wars explore

My first was back in 2014 while The Force awakens was being filmed and was a massive flop

Here have a read and a laugh


Although if you have seen The Force Awakens you will recognise the Gamma buildings in the film, when I took my son to see the film he was excited that Daddy had been there, I then realised that to him Star Wars was real and I’d lumbered myself with a whole load of awkward questions lol

So it began

Photos of the Falcon had been leaked to the gutter press and we knew it was on. However as always The Daily Fail had got it wrong and nearly fucked us up.

Myself and @slayaaaa spent a fair bit of time studying Pinewood Studios on google earth looking for an area where the falcon could be. It just didn’t gel, we couldn’t find what looked like the same area and were flummoxed.

Then the story appeared on the 28DL Facebook page and things took a turn for the better as we now knew it was in Chertsey. We found Longcross Studios on google earth and knew we had out prey. We knew where the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs was docked and we planned a mission.

The night we intended to go it chucked it down with rain and we binned it off.

A few days later @slayaaaa told me to check on here but didn’t say what for, Thinking it was gonna be drama based I left it for a bit and then had a look. Well blow me down with a feather @bhg had beaten us to it. Hats off to her, an awesome report and some great pics for her and Kev.

Well that was it, myself, @slayaaaa and @Urban Diaries were on it and last night we jumped in the car and headed to somewhere far far away, well we are from Essex

The Explore

We rocked up and hid the car in the woods near the studios. We kinda knew where we were going and headed in. Now we like to have a laugh when exploring, after all life’s to serious as it is, so this wander through the woods was full of humour and stupidity. “What happens if we get caught?” “Ask them to take us to the emperor?” and other such like jokes. At one point Ewoks in the forest got mentioned and out of the corner of our eyes we saw something moving in our direction and moving fast. “What the fuck is that” it turned out to be a young dear lost in the woods and running around to find a way out. “Phew”

We made our way into the main complex and managed to dodge any form of security by ducking in and out of tree’s and running across various roads all the time conscious of what we were about to find. Now remember I’d been here before with Greenham common, but still the adrenalin was through the roof.

We eventually came to the spot where we knew the Falcon was and peaked through the trees.

YES YES and FUCK YES, there she was in all her glory, The one thing I’d fantasied about since I was a kid, Well if you exclude San Fox and Pamela Anderson but that is a different story. This was the Millennium Falcon, Han and Chewie's baby.

We went to jump out of the bushes and head for it but noticed a couple of security cars. A moment of panic set in, Nooooo to get this far and not be able to get to her.

We changed our plan and headed back the way we came and up along the back of the scaffolding that made the set up and carefully lowered ourselves through the set until we got to the Falcon.

It was all we had ever hoped for

As for security, if you check the last picture you can see him on his phone in the security car looking the wrong way all the time we were there.


























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