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Report - The Foresters Arms, Wolverhampton, 18/04/17

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I have been unable to find much online about the history of this place, but as per most derps in Wolverhampton, http://historywebsite.co.uk/ was quite useful:

"A Tudor revival building with a big gable, in red-brown brick with what are probably stone bands, painted white. It has some interesting detail, such as the entrances with tall narrow lights flanking the doors, which may show the hand of the architect George A. Boswell of Glasgow.

It has townscape importance, being in a prominent position on a corner on a main route into the City Centre."

From my own knowledge, the architecture is very much 1930s (Unless I am mistaken) and the local housing stock was developed during the late 20s / early 30s. A search of the Wolverhampton Council website shows that the landlord applied for a change of license in 2006, which was refused; the pub closed not long after and has been empty ever since.

The explore
Went with @lou2209 and @rakadactyl after an earlier trip to the Eye Infirmary. Despite being empty for so long it was in a reasonable condition when we went in (Although it has deteriorated since) The building is split into two, with the main pub and the outbuilding to the rear being completely split from each other internally (Although they are connected) We looked at the outbuilding first, which to be fair was largely uneventful, save for the agar in the outbuilding:


The main building was more interesting and we spent around an hour here
[url=https://flic.kr/p/XyF3FB]36469368505_1ea6080142_k.jpgThe old front door, from the rear

Fireplace in the back room, with kegs (We checked they were full, but they went out of date in 2008, although as they contained Bass, they probably wouldn't have tasted much worse than if they were fresh out of the brewery!)

More kegs in the back room, looking towards the doors to the back yard

1980s wallpaper in the front room

Door to the gents, back room. It's ok, I don't somoke

Trap in the gents, in decent condition given the years of dereliction

The fairly ornate staircase in the hall way, another gents toilet was found underneath the stairs

Pleasant looking windows in the main hallway, going up the stairs

Top of the stairs, looking towards what looked like a function room

Poor quality picture of the ceiling (or lack of) in the function room

36301431882_b82facef42_k.jpgGoing all the way back down to the cellar

The cellar was probably the highlight; we had a good laugh down here for around 30 minutes, although the light was too poor to take any meaningful shots. In the middle of the cellar was an ankle deep pool of water...


About 2 weeks after we went in, our entry point to the main building was sealed by large planks of wood being nailed across the entry from the inside (Nails pointing out) This surprised me as although I can understand why people who live near by would want to restrict access to a derp, the fact that it was sealed from the inside means that a keyholder to the building would have had to go in and nail the boards in place before leaving again. It was a shock that somebody made such effort for a building that has been empty for 11 years!

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