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Report - The Futurist Theatre - Scarborough - January 2015


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Thanks to Cat for taking up my lead and going and nailing this one. Its is an exceptional theater and its quite frankly ludicrous to demolish it, theres not a single sign of it being run down really! This was probably the biggest bug bare with the place for me. It was just a bit too clean and that made the explore a bit too edgy to really enjoy as much as i would have liked. Had it have been properly derleict, not full of PIRs and potential cell time i could have spent all day in there rooting around. As it turned out i managed about 2-3 hours before finding the light switches and deciding after lighting the pace up like a Christmas tree it was probably time to leave.

the theatres trust said:
The site has been used for entertainment since 1903 when the Kiralfy's Arcadia Theatre opened. In July 1912 the Palladium Picture House was opened next door, and in 1920 the Arcadia closed and was demolished to make way for the Futurist. At the same time the Palladium was renamed the Arcadia and presented live shows until 1968 when the Futurist, which had presented live shows since 1957 was expanded to include a large stage over much of the second Arcadia site. The exterior is largely clad in unattractive yellow panels, but the original decorative Italianate style faience facade largely survives behind and is visible at high level. It has a large auditorium with a deep circle supported on twelve slender columns – four down each side and four central. There is also a gallery divided into boxes. Plain walls with reeded panels that once contained murals. Plain balcony front, lyre-shaped and returned to decorative plaster pilasters at the proscenium wall for exits either side of stage. The ceiling is divided into two parts separated by a wide arch. Front portion is original with elliptical dome containing three ornamental ventilation grilles. Concealed lighting around rim. The rear ceiling is higher and plain, dating from 1968. Also in 1968 boxes were created either side of the proscenium from which the stage is completely hidden. The proscenium is plain, rectangular and functional. There is a deep wide stage with full tower and counterweight sets. The stage is above the foyer, so there are no traps, and front-of-house space is limited. The theatre was closed on 5 January 2014, and the Council is marketing the site including the Futurist and surrounding shops for redevelopment.
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That really is a proper old theatre..nicely photographed !


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Weird to see that on here, was watching a movie there with my dad a year or two ago


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excellent! been waiting for someone else to do this and produce quality pics.
It is a damn shame about it getting demoed as it truely is a mint place inside.
we were flicking switches left right and centre but didnt find the main auditorium ones... so nice to see it all lit up :D


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28DL Full Member
Daymn, place looks like it was in use very recently and looked after to a high standard. What the hell happened?

Its not got the greatest interior, but its now at the point there just are not any old theatre's in even a remotely usable condition


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Its been owned by the council for a while but closed about a year ago and has sat there until recently when they decided they were going to get rid of it.. You wouldn't know it tho. Its in cracking condition. The main problem with the place in my eyes is that its a bit of a mish mash of original features, 70s additions and 'modern yet out of date' bits. I think you would need to go through it and almost 'de-modernise' it for it to feel like somewhere id want to spend much time. It feels like the place is much more suited to theatre use than cinema yet the theatre lighting and those bits almost ruins it a little bit so its not clear cut what the best path would be. Still dont think you should wipe it off the face of the earth tho.


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Very nice indeed! What a place to plough to the ground...

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