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Report - The Gaffers Row (J D Wetherspoon), Crewe - November 2020


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November 2020

The Visit
Firstly, let me apologise for the lighting in some of these photographs, I managed to tick this one off the list whilst visiting a neighbouring derp. Sadly I didn't have my tripod or lamp with me to I had to make do with my M7R. The Gaffers Row was my local Wetherspoon's which sat within a block of shops known as the Royal Arcade, I used to frequent the pub in my teenage years and have some good memories from within its walls. Locally the Gaffers Row had a reputation for being dark and dirty which probably helped towards its closure in January 2018, I can remember drinking in the pub on its final day of trading and by that point they'd given up trying to maintain and level of cleanliness. Following closure most of the equipment inside has been removed with a few chairs dotted around the place. I spent about an hour in this place trying to cover as much of the building as possible, as I was probably not going to get a chance at this one again. Demolition work has already begun on parts of the Royal Arcade with the whole block expected to be flattened within the next few weeks.

Screenshot 2020-11-08 at 18.27.25.png

Left: A photo from outside the pub from stokesentinel.co.uk | Right: A photograph of the bar area that I took on the final night in January 2018.





























Cheers for looking :thumb
Canon EOS 70D, 10-18mm EFS​

Bertie Bollockbrains

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One is struck by the beauty of that Wetherspoons carpet. Very nice! The stains, the trodden in chips and peas., the years of accumulated crap and vomit.

There genuinely is a Wetherspoons Carpet Appreciation Society (of which I am not a member) and they can be found here and yes you're right lockdown is slowly turning us all totally mad.
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I’m fairly sure I’ve been in a few Spoons’ that looked similar to this and they were fully operational pubs! Gotta love em.


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Nice that gronk matey can't wait to see your other stuff. Stay safe out there. Cant wait to get back out


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Nice report and great to have the roof access.
I remember when that place was an electrical retailer and buying my first Walkman from there.


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"Toilets Upstairs"
Aren't they always in a Wetherspoons? :oops:
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