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Report - The Gas Chamber (CSO) - April 2012.


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The Gas Chamber

Essentially a storm overflow/CSO, the last inline before it hits the WwTW near a small town just outside Manc

Nothing too special but glad to finally locate the lid after 12 months of searching

Whilst out to check on another couple of leads that got rained off earlier in the week, the heavens opened once again :banghead

Despite this I decided to crack on and have a look upstream from where I was the other day... FAIL!

The water was fast flowing and deep, I decided to bail until we have some kind of drought :rolleyes:

Having received yet another soaking I wasn't to be dettered, infact I managed to spot something else of interest nearby, a night time visit in order for that one..

A short drive later and I decided to check on another lead I had put on the backburner, infact the last time I attempted this one I couldn't locate a suitable manhole due to the rather overgrown vegetation that has taken a hold here

I was just about to give up and then I spotted it, hiding beneath a patch of brambles & nettles!

So with a bit of landscaping of my own managed to shift what I could and jar the heavy lid up

A cloud of bad air rushed out so I decided to leave it 10 mins to air before I headed on down, once inside it wasn't much better so I grabbed a few shots and pissed off home...

Theres something very wrong with the word MANHOLE


Once down a large screen, behind which a storm overflow and 2ft channel which serves as part the overflow weir


The channel runs at an incline from left to right, carrying any overflow down and through barely a 2ft RCP

(Sadly no way through, I did later locate the overflow into the nearby brook, it was grilled with no way through)


Climbing over the screens which serve the overflow weir, you can see the sewer as it flows left to right through the CSO chamber

At either end it was barey 4ft and due to the bad air I had no intention of going upstream, (downstream leads to the works)




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