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Report - The Globe Theater - Stockton On Tees - April 2011


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What a weekend this has been! Me and a friend decided to venture into the Globe after we seen another explorer had been inside last month.

We figured a way in and began exploring, the first day we had no cameras just in case something went wrong - you never know! Once inside, we could see how vast the building was, being in our 20's, we've never been in before when it was a live environment, we wondered around for about 20 minutes before discovering we were in the dressing room block but soon found a way onto the main stage.

It was absolutely pitch black, armed with a small LED torch we marched on throughout the old bingo hall that was owned by by Mecca Bingo which closed in 1996. We soon felt comfortable with the environment and knew our way around, so we felt safe we could come back another day with our cameras.

We returned the day after, we entered the same way as the day before, this time we had 2 torches! We figured out how to turn on the lights that had been getting used by the builders, this provided so much light throughout the building that the torches weren't even needed anymore. After taking a few snaps here and there, we heard a woman laughing, we looked at each other and just thought WTF. A group of friendly people were on the balcony above us, they knew the owner I believe as they came in the front door!

After having a quick chat we realized they were there for the same reason as us - for photo's! I believe they all have accounts on here, so look out for their threads too.

The building is still in great shape, however the basement is completely flooded, the place is full of damp and no doubt asbestos, there are pigeons every where (Dead and alive) and it's inches deep in pigeon crap everywhere you go which doesn't give it a great smell believe me!

I'm glad we got in while we did, preserving another little memory on film before the whole place gets revamped and brought into the 21st century.

See these links for info on the building itself..




Full pictures on my Flickr - http://www.flickr.com/photos/tomwhitfield/sets/72157626576604772/

I know they ain't of the best quality, and they're all a bit wonky, but I felt a bit rushed to be honest, if we ever go back, I'll take more time and care!

Here's a few..














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