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Report - The Griffin Pub & Restaurant, Norwich - December 2019


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Heya my fellow urbies,

I've not been on here in quite a while, and I have a bunch of reports to share from places I've visited over the last year.

I'll start off with an explore I did just a couple of days back, which whilst not anything groundbreaking, was still a good fun little poke around with some interesting things to find.
So, it's a pub explore - you know the score with these! I'd actually tried to get in here very soon after it first closed up, but it was secured tightly, so sadly, I had to leave it. A shame, as looking through a couple of the un-barred windows I could see furniture neatly stacked and glasses still on shelves, it's last day trading frozen in time.
I then forgot about the place for the next couple of years, and was passing by on the way to another potential explore site, so thought I'd give it another look. It's certainly no trouble to get into now - there's a nice open window right at the back, away from prying eyes. But, because of this, its once pristine condition is now long gone.

I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking; after all, it's your usual trashed pub but there's still some interesting features to see. Apologies that some of the pictures are low-quality. I only had my phone on me and most of the rooms are pitch-black, so I could only rely on the camera's low-light settings. All things considered, I think it did okay!

If anyone's in the area, I'd definitely recommend the place if you fancy a nice little half-hour mooch around. The pub can be found on Yarmouth Road, heading eastbound out of the city on the very edge of Thorpe St. Andrew - it's pretty hard to miss! Follow the fencing down the lane to the side of the pub grounds, and you'll find your way in with little issue. ;)

Outside the building:



photo_2019-12-29_13-27-02 (2).jpg

photo_2019-12-29_13-58-12 (2).jpg

The living area:

This is the area of the pub which was presumably occupied by the landlord (and family?). It's in surprisingly bad condition - the upper floor is literally falling apart and falling through, with whole sections of floor missing and collapsed. For this reason, I didn't explore every room as one in particular could only be accessed by stepping on some pretty rotten floorboards I just couldn't trust.
Strangely, though most of the furniture was cleared out, there were a multitude of old family photographs scattered around.


Here's your way in! ;P


photo_2020-01-01_12-14-35 (2).jpg


photo_2020-01-01_12-14-35 (3).jpg

photo_2020-01-01_12-14-35 (4).jpg


photo_2019-12-29_13-58-11 (3).jpg

photo_2019-12-29_13-58-11 (5).jpg

photo_2019-12-29_13-58-11 (2).jpg

photo_2019-12-29_13-58-11 (4).jpg

photo_2019-12-29_13-58-11 (6).jpg

The bar areas:

These were the rooms that were darkest, with all windows covered and therefore getting decent photos was a struggle.


There's quite a nice little Griffin mural in the front lobby.




photo_2019-12-29_13-58-10 (2).jpg


photo_2019-12-29_13-27-02 (3).jpg

Storage areas:

Probably the most interesting areas, as there's natural sunlight coming in and whole hoard of stuff from the pub's working days, including signage, glasses, furniture and so on.


photo_2019-12-29_13-58-10 (3).jpg

photo_2019-12-29_13-58-10 (4).jpg


photo_2019-12-29_14-52-24 (2).jpg

So there you have it! Another wrecked pub, but still worthy of a look around if you're passing by.

And up next... another pub! But that's one for another thread. ;D



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Shame about all those scattered photographs lots of memories for somebody.