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Report - The Grosvenor Hotel, Sheffield, August 2014.


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The Grosvenor is a hotel in the Sheffield centre. It was opened in 1966 and was a 5 star hotel. The hotel itself was not modernised to keep it at that standard and by the time of its closure in 2010 the building was in need of renovation. There are mixed reviews on trip adviser but many cited the condition of the hotel to be an issue. I found this particularly scaving one;

“Credit Crunch Car Park Hotelâ€Â￾
1 of 5 stars Reviewed 22 November 2008

I have read one review which descibes this hotel as a hotel in a multi storey car park. That sums it up. The car park was cleaner tho so they were being a little unfair on car parks. It really was a dive. Great for younsters who just need a bed but thats it! We dare not have the food so cannot say anything about that. Our room had vomit stains on the carpet and bed base. The door would not lock from the inside and the shower was cold. So folks, only go here if you're really desparate as we were. A night in your car would be better.
The hotel closed in 2010, however it did well to last that long. In 2008, curiously at the start of the recession, the area surrounding the hotel was set for demolition to make way for a new retain quarter.

This is a retail lead scheme with John Lewis as the anchor tenant set to occupy a substantial shop of 25,000 square metres designed by O'Donnell + Tuomey that takes up the whole of Block 7 of the master-plan.With four levels of retail and parking inside the building will be wrapped in vertical fins running rhythmically around the sides of it.

Acting however as the visual landmark will be a residential tower on the site of Block 5 from the pens of Foreign Office Architects hexagonally shaped and tapering to smoothly planned a three winged top and standing roughly 90 metres above ground adjacent to Telephone House on the site of the Grosvenor House Hotel.

At the ground level it is attached to a series of continuous lower-rise blocks that have been compared to soap bubbles and will be occupied by shops creating a large new retail precinct.

Another block of particular note is a low-rise retail building, Block 2 by ACME Architects on the gateway of the north-eastern side of the site. The gently rippling organic sides combined with a complex metal fabric helps to create a zoomorphic look of a sponge sitting on the ocean floor. Adding to the deep-sea feel will be lights embedded in the cladding that will give the building a slight glow.

Building work on Sevenstone should be starting by the end of 2008 if all goes to plan with the first phase completed in 2011 with phase two finishing in 2013.
None of that actually happened. The hotel closed and was used as a police dog training area. Now the car park is being used as *drum roll* a car park. Proceeds for the parking go to St Luke's hospice charity. It's quite reasonably priced as well.

Visited with Kaplan and Jazzywheelz. Was good to get in and have a look round in daylight as well. Fun explore, even got chance to test out the x100 I just got. On with the pics;






Had a little stop off on the 1st level of the roof.


Up to the top of the tower. The tower was where the bedrooms were. By this point it was dark so we didn't bother going round these. Most of the place was stripped and empty anyway.

From the top;





A final shot from the car park.


Thanks for looking. There's more on my flickr page :)

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Nice one mate!! Its bigger inside than it looks from the outside, glad you guys got this one ticked off!! Well done lads!!!


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Aye, that ballroom was huge. Read somewhere that a guy wanted to open it for large capacity weddings as there's not (m)any places locally that can accommodate private parties of that size. Cheers fella :thumb

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Yeah it was, think I lost count the amount of time me and Lee walked in and out of it looking for the stairs lol, issues!!!:) should do the next meet in there, sure we could get everyone of 28 in that room and more lol


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Great pics, amazing what's left empty in the middle of the city when you think about it.


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Thanks for the comments all. Was definately pleased to get this one done. Now if Jazzy will just get some of his boy band esque group shots up it will be complete :thumb

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