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Report - The Grotto - Goring- Sep 2018

Jaime Coles

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The original grotto was built around 1720 for Lady Fane, who lived at the great house at Basildon Park. The grotto itself adjoined a small house built by her husband for her to use as a place of retirement and consisted of an elaborate shell room with a separate rock chamber where running water fed a pool.

The Grotto estate was purchased in 1891 by James Gilbert Collier Harter. He retired from business at forty and turned his attention to running the house and grounds as a model estate, with a farmery and six greenhouses, all well equipped and staffed. There were still fifteen live-in servants by the 1920s, but time was running out for establishments on this scale. Gilbert Harter died in 1924 and the house was finally sold by his widow at the outbreak of World War II. The exact nature of the activities at The Grotto during the war years and immediately after remain clothed in mystery with no first hand accounts.

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