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Report - - The Grove Hospital Derbyshire 9/9/06 | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - The Grove Hospital Derbyshire 9/9/06

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Myself, TheCrow off here and a couple of friends decided to take a trip over to Derby last night, to check out The Grove Hospital. This place is pretty special - in the fact that its been (pretty much) untouched by vandals. Well worth the visit even for that reason alone.. places like this are few and far between. Once we had gained access to the building the only access door was closed behind us, with a clever type of home made alarm that would alert us if we had company at any point (good thinking mate ;) )


I take time to read the signs whilst exploring, but in this case there was no one around to ask, so we entered the ward anyway. :rolleyes:


Once in, we didnt really know what to expect of the place. A few dark corridors and turns later, testing out my new 5 D-cell maglite, we started walking towards a well lit room, it was so eerie, as though we would get around the corner and there would be nurses and patients swarming around.


I thought I'd get a picture of the defribulator (sp?) whilst I was there, needless to say we didnt try it :( but it was tested for electrical safety in july of this year, so gives you some sort of idea when the place shut down.


The fire alarm system had been triggered at some point, and the information was still showing on the display.


A rather ornate light stood proud at the bottom of the main flight of stairs, you can see the lift in the background which again was in perfect condition, how tempting it was to try it too. :)


The general office and reception housed the key box for the site, I've included the full size image so you can see what keys are available. There were loads more on the floor and on other shelves.


A few examples of how tidy the place was:-






The security log was on the table in one of the upstairs day rooms; the last entry was june 06.


Next up was the laundry room, with its industrial size units, and to give you some idea of the size:-



For those of you that like climbing, in the sewing room (seperate building) you can climb a ladder that takes you up into the roofing area, theres even a random chair in case you feel like a rest.



a couple more random shots of the night:-






So in summary, this was an excellent place for exploration due to it being near-pristine, we accessed 3 seperate areas in total, including the sewing room and boiler rooms. Its not the biggest place in the world - but it is well worth the visit. :)