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Information - The Guinness Brewery Railways in Dublin


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The St. James's Gate Brewery belonging to Guinness had what was apparently the longest private factory railway system in Ireland. In total there were 10 miles of track of which 8 miles were narrow gauge. There were some interesting innovations included within the system - a spiral in narrow gauge allowing trains to pass under St. James's Street, an ingenious conversion wagon which allowed narrow gauge locomotives to work on the broad gauge sidings, a unique design of narrow gauge locomotive specifically suited to the needs of the site.

This is a post prompted by reading a 1951 edition of The Railway Magazine!



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One of the 1’10” gauge locomotives from the one time Guinness Brewery tramway system in Dublin is on display in the Railway Exhibition Hall at the Amberley Museum and Heritage Centre which is between Pulborough and Arundel in West Sussex.

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