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Report - The Ivy Hotel, Swindon, December 2016


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2nd place we visited on boxing day 2016! as it was only across the road!

im not overly sure on the history of this place, i know it closed in 2013 due to money issues and the place was repeatedly trashed by vandals over the years. It was invaded by travelers in the early months of 2016, but they eventually got moved on, after making the place even worse!
as of mid 2017 the building has been completely demolished and work has started on building specialist housing for the elderly.

The explore!
upon arriving at the site we were greeted with a large green fence that had been erected to keep the riff raff out!
after having a wonder around the site we couldn't find a clear entrance so almost gave up, but not to give up i persisted and managed to find a suitable place to gain entry
now that we were in we had to find an entrance to the actual hotel, going round the back there just so happened to be one plywood board pulled off a broken window so we could slip in through there
but the most bizarre thing walking round the back was seeing the hotels safe, just in the walkway, abandoned.
once we were in, we were faced with endless destruction anywhere we looked, but there was a lot of stuff surprisingly still intact, but the weirdest thing we came across was in the conservatory
endless amounts of old TV's, fridges amongst a host of other things!
having a look in some of the rooms things were still in one piece, including what looked like recently refurbished bathrooms!
going through to the kitchen area there was a strange sound i didn't expect to hear, the sound of running water coming from a basin, which i thought was very bizarre!
looking through more rooms, i came across photos of a 2 year olds birthday party the hotel had hosted, once again a very sad site that memories like that had been just forgotten about and left behind!
spent a good hour and a bit looking around the main building as there was surprisingly a lot to see!
after the last few photos we made our exit after trying to get into what i believe would of been the function building, but it was very well sealed. failing that we exited without being noticed and went on our way!
now for the photos! (photos by me, edited by my brother)


Nature reclaiming


would it really be an abandoned building if there wasn't a badly drawn graffiti penis on the wall? :D

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