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Report - The Landmark 07/03/09

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The Landmark is a new residential development in Canary Wharf. It consists of two towers. The West Tower is 31 storeys high, while The Landmark East Tower rises 45 storeys, to a height of 140 metres. When finished it will apparently be the tallest residential building in London.

I noticed it while on a walk in the Isle of Dogs. It looked similar to Strata that we did before and which was lots of fun so I thought this one should be good as well. On closer look it turned out there was no walkway between the crane and the building this time. The tower wasn't much shorter than the crane so we decided to do the building as the crane would have taken ages to climb.

In spite of all our recceing the access proved a bit tricky anyway. Once inside we headed for the roof. The place looked like it still needed a lot of work inside which suprised me a bit. From the outside it looks almost finished. I was even afraid they were about to fit the main doors and lock the building before we manage to explore it. After a lot of climbing we finally made it to the roof. It was well worth all the effort. The views were amazing. I took pictures with my cheapest-camera-ever so they don't do justice to what you can really see from the roof, but anyway here they go:

Westferry Rd


Canary Wharf Tower


Bank of America, CITI Bank etc.


Pan Peninsula Tower on the right, docks in the middle


The Thames


Crane seen from the roof


That one made me smile. Writing on the wall in one of the staircases. It says FUCK THE POLICE in Polish. Must have been painted by some Polish builders...


Hopefully Mito will soon post his pictures that he took with a proper camera. After a lot of time on the roof we headed back and out. Luckily no security in sight but there are cameras at the bottom of staircases! We got out alright but even then I didn't really relax what with all the security guards patrolling Canary Wharf and cameras on every corner. I breathed a sigh of relief only when we got to Poplar. All in all a top night out.
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