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Report - The Law Courts of Brussels, Belgium 2010


I should have danced all night
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The palace of justice was something that was only put down as a maybe when I first started putting together the plans for our trip in August but now looking back, it was one of the most memorable.

We'd had a really successful day so I guess lady luck was watching over us because the climb to the top of this enormous landmark was the icing on the cake of a fantastic day. We had to wait for it to get dark so we went to this crazy grill restaurant and I drew the waiter a picture because he seemed so sad. I don't know if that sadness was contageous but by the time we were back out on the street, the black dog had firmly lodged itself in my head and wasn't going away any time soon.

Traffic outside the law courts was pretty busy and odd taxis and cop cars kept pulling up outside just as we were about to make our move so we decided to chill for an hour a couple of pavements away. Two of us slept, one was awake and one was spilling tears on the ground.

I suppose it's a cliche but "it's so much bigger than I thought!" was the phrase that came to mind once we were at the top. The statues were giants and I felt like a tiny ant sitting on the shoulder of the stone lady. The air was so fresh and the sky so clear, I could have stayed up there the whole night. In fact I loved it so much, I purposefully left my backpack at the top so I had to climb it all again. Obviously this was a deliberate mistake ;)

A couple of hours later, everyone's spirits were through the roof as we made our way back to our place of sleep that night, all high on our individual adrenaline rushes. It was only when it came to unpacking the car that the trip very nearly ended right there in the road. I couldn't find my precious banana. The whole car was turned inside-out and I was screaming but thankfully, we found him rolled up in a jumper to keep him from getting cold. It was a very tense moment indeed.