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Report - The Lido & Clifton baths Margate kent Summer 2013


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After such a long break since the last time we visited and it being sealed then Blatantly ripped open and then sealed tight this place has been off the circuit of explore,so after a lot of recce and planning a way in was found although it very public and risky,so off we went to crack on,thos of you who have visited will know the baths are tidal so with that in mind the first visit was a short one due to the "old" way used to get into the rest of the areas via the old smugglers tunnels being a tad destroyed and collapsed.2nd visit was sorted and the rest of the place was explored only missing a few bits here and there due to the rather non existent routes

Brief history of which there is much

The complex of buildings on the site are of two distinct phases: an early-C19 sea bathing
establishment, dating from 1824, called the Clifton Baths; and a C20 lido, dating from 1926, called the Cliftonville Lido from 1938. The structures are on four levels, the lower levels excavated from the chalk cliffs and only the upper level, on the landward side, above ground level.

More to be found here Margate Architecture: Clifonville Baths granted listed status

On with the pics

Echoes nightclub



A few from Hades where the raves all happened a long time ago now


Price list would be a dream in this day and age


The underground Harbour and then down a level




Below echoes Club


Into the changing rooms which is generaly a tad of a paddle about






Up in the main hall area


The not so grand hall,when i visited 3 years ago it was full of the rotten contents of the hall,stage,chairs the lot all gone


Thanks for putting up with so many images which arent my best, but last time i was here i used a very old nokia mobile fone and fortunately i wasn't a member on here back then so not many people have seen it
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Hi, i want to know more abt the building floor plan for my uni project. Can you help me with tht
Sorry i don't have a building floor plan,give the owner a message ,and no i don't know who owns it,so for your Uni project you may have to do a little research

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