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Report - The Lloyds Building, London (September 2015)


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The first Lloyd's building (address 12 Leadenhall Street) had been built on this site in 1928. In 1958, due to expansion of the market, a new building was constructed across the road at 51 Lime Street (now the site of the Willis Building). Lloyd's now occupied the Heysham Building and the Cooper Building.

By the 1970s Lloyd's had again outgrown these two buildings and proposed to extend the Cooper Building. In 1978, the corporation ran an architectural competition which attracted designs from practices such as Foster Associates, Arup and I.M. Pei] Lloyd's commissioned Richard Rogers to redevelop the site, and the original 1928 building on the western corner of Lime and Leadenhall Streets was demolished to make way for the present one which was officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II on 18 November 1986. The 1928 building's entrance at 12 Leadenhall Street was preserved and forms a rather incongruous attachment to the 1986 structure. Demolition of the 1958 building commenced in 2004 to make way for the 26-storey Willis Building.





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Good effort, cracking pics too:thumb


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Was hoping this might pop up again, my photos suck from here and it was fucking freezing when I did it with the monkey fella
I didn't even have my camera when we did this, it was kinda spur of the moment after the London meet and we attracted the attention of the city of London Police. lol I'm sure somewhere someone has some photos of me on the roof, but I can't recall who took them.


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That first shot is pure Downfallen. Very atmospheric.

There is a really weird kind of moire effect on your shots, it looks like a photo of a picture displayed on a monitor.

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