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Report - The Majestic Picture House, Portsmouth, June 2011


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As Chris86 stated in his report, information of Enska is virtually non-existent. It is clear that it used to be a cinema, before being converted to a gym/martial arts centre. It closed in April 2010 and some parts are still in pretty good condition, while others are pretty dilapidated.
Also like Chris, we ran into some people in there, seemingly living there. They were sat there drinking when we entered, but upon asking if they'd mind us having a look around, they totally ignored us and walked out, leaving the door open behind them. This and the fact that every room we entered had some signs of a squat or some form of weapon (pool cues, hammers, cricket bats with nails in, iron bars, even a kitchen knife...) made for a pretty quick explore with a few decent pictures, nonetheless not amazing, but not too bad either.

The first room we got into was a half destroyed snooker hall, with a large number of tables, the majority of which were in a pretty bad state.

The whole room was in a pretty poor state.

Alas there were no stiff drinks to calm our nerves at the bar, the best we could find was some pretty dodgy milk and a load of balls that had clearly been thrown at the mirrors, with varying degrees of accuracy...

The only other thing of interest in the snooker hall was the games machines, now somewhat more challenging than ever before to win...

Upon going upstairs and leaving the staircase, the history of the building became so beautifully obvious. The architecture is absolutely amazing after how bland the snooker hall downstairs is.

One recurring theme through the building was beer mats...

The ceilings in the upstairs were very impressive.

What was obviously the main hall is now coated in broken glass with a large quantity of the room being visibly damp and some work clearly having been done to support the ceiling.

There were a few other touches from when it was open, such as a punch-bag along with other gym related equipment.

The ceilings in some places were a deep shade of red, still with intricate designs and some more quirky features.

And finally there were a few different looks in the building, though only in the more pigeon infected parts!