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Report - The Markeaton Interceptor Storm Relief Culvert, Derby - September 2009


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The Markeaton Interceptor Storm Relief Culvert was constructed in 1938 as a response to flooding in 1932 (a lightning fast response from the council… it would appear some things never change).

For the most part the culvert is of concrete and brick construction and approximately 12ft high. Access points can found at regular intervals, the largest of which rises up by 8 floors.



Rusty access ladders provide routes from the surface, while the water gets to take the more ornate route, descending by tiled stairs.


The culvert is almost one and a half miles in length and takes water from the Markeaton basin across Derby and out into the River Derwent. I’ve never seen any major flooding in the Markeaton basin, the worst flooding I’ve seen was when the river burst and totally submerging the outfall back in the summer of 2007.

As it happens the previous year had seen improvements made to the culvert, however these focused on the infalls at the opposite end of the culvert. Both of the infalls consist of a large concrete chamber with a huge grilled inlet.



The view out from the infall at night.


How the magic happens. Brought to you in association with Canon.


Some times you've just got to decide, are you going to take the pink or the brown….


Big thanks must go to Thompski who did the hard work on this one, and inspiration from seeing Yaz’s original Flo Selecta report (which is unfortunately missing its pictures)

And finally. “Guys, can you stand still for 30 seconds? I’ve got to get more people shots.â€