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Lead or Rumour info - The Meadows continuing care unit, Knaphill/Brookwood, Surrey.


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Hi all,
Was driving through Brookwood with a friend and noticed that The Meadows has closed. From what I can find out this was a 24 bed unit to cope with the patients left over from the closure of Brookwood hospital.
The unit was built around 1996 (quite a modern building to be closed this soon),I think part of the reason being that at a recent inspection only 13 out of 24 beds were occupied. Patients left over were transferred into private services (from what it seems). Also the nearby Alpha hospital provides similar services, Alpha hospital bought up homes nearby to house patients with a full time carer but when local residents found out the hospital's plans they soon put that too a stop!
Link to the local rag about the transfer of patient's :Disbelief over move of mental health care facility into Knaphill neighbourhood | Woking News and Mail

Hopefully this may be useful to someone, there is a cracking Sainsbury's nearby for a sarnie and it's not too far from the much visited St Peter's mortuary :thumb


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I visited here today for my 1st ever official urban explore - (I did an unofficial one as a 17yr old in the 80's at Holloway sanatorium just being nosy- didn't know it was a kind of hobby!)

A complete mess inside, a couple of bath chair hoist things, empty rooms and offices and loads of pipe coverings strewn all over the ground floor (someone been after the copper?) - some overgrow grounds at the back with an old pagoda thing and a huge apple tree :) - oh and a random safe (empty) in one of the offices. got some pics but a little underwhelmed tbh.


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Went here the other day, total mess inside. Only really worth it if you are in the area.


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Must admit I was hoping someone would have got in around the time I posted this thread but by time I got access after the gypsies had been in and removed the copper it was trashed then, now it's pretty much demo worthy...