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Report - The Media Enterprise Centre, Media City, Manchester – May 2010


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Visited with Rookie, Appo, JimmyHalfway & Agour.

After a few failed attempts at other sites with loud alarms, talk of hitting up Media City was back on the cards. After arriving in Salford Quays and some quality ninja skills being undertaken we were on top of the highest building in Media City on the left of the previous one that myself and JG did back in January.

Ever since January I said I'd come back and hit some more stuff up this way, So it's one for all the haters...

The Media Enterprise Centre is expected to be completed in 2011 as the first phase of the Media City completion. The 53,500 sq ft building which will have had over £8,000,000 spent on it once completed is set to house editing, data storage, data transfer, and video conferencing facilities along with housing the Northwest Vision and Media programme, The Framework for Innovation and Research centre, A Digital Content Laboratory and also GameSpace which will provide a centre for the Gaming industry.

After a rather fast decent we set out to leave the site without any problems although this wasn’t the case...

After all five of us running from the sight of security in a cabin we ran passed the front doors of another building with two security guards sat down behind a desk, They had the funniest expression on their faces as we bolted past.

By the time they had came out of the doors we had disappeared into the night leaving them wondering what had just happened...












JimmyHalfway, Appo, Agour, Rookie & Gone.

More good times with the crew, Thanks for looking, Gone...​

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