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Report - The Mount Hospital, Bishopstoke/Eastleigh - Sept 2011


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Myself, Severed Frequencies, mc_Hawkins & Tom went to visit the hospital on Sunday afternoon. Wow, trashed it is. Unfortunately, the whole ground floor of the tower/main house was freshly bricked up and steels in the windows. We looked for entry points but alas none. Even a bit of climbing was attempted but still unable to get in. So photos show the rest of the trashed block. Very similar to other recent explores on here, but more and more of the boarding is down on the outta buildings.
Left my Nikon in the car and used my Sony DSC-H9 cybershot camera. So quality isnt as great in low lighting sections.

As others have done this many times before, you all know the history, but this is quoted from someone else who quoted it!

The Mount Hospital in Bishopstoke, Hampshire closed a few years back in a clamour of local annoyance following years of campaigning to keep it open. It was a popular smaller hospital which mostly focused on rehabilitation for elderly patients but had various other outpatients' departments.

The history of the site is interesting too. It started as smallish private estate with the first house built by a wealthy farmer in 1844. It was later bought by a Captain Hargreaves in the 1870s. When he died it was bought by a Mr Cotton who rebuilt it in 1893. His imposing Victorian mansion replete with impressive tower forms the heart of the site. It originally had impressive gardens too suitable for a house of its standing with an arboretum, formal gardens and a Victorian water garden. In 1927 it was sold to Hampshire County Council who converted it into a hospital reusing the original Victorian house, as well as building a range of other buildings including another impressive art deco-ish ward building.

Photos below, scaled down as too similar to others






CREEPY ROOM! Something didn't feel right in this room.. i took the shot and then moved on quickly! Then when i uploaded the photos.... !! :eek:


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