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Report - The Muffin Hole, Sheffield - August 2010


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Visited by Kitty & Woodburner

Respect to kitty for digging up the info on these tunnels, they appear to have been used as air-raid shelter tunnels for the university students and staff in Sheffield.

Kitty was suffering from epic camera fail on this trip so the only shots are what I got on my compact.

Entrance was a bit 'on top' but we picked a quiet moment and popped the lid, conveniently the first one we popped had a staircase for us...


Inside there was a nice network of tunnels that went on for maybe 50m or so following twists & turns underground before leading to another staircase at the other end...


There were also a pair of air vents we had previously seen from the surface letting light in conveniently (and traffic noise)


Towards the end of the bunker was a set of shelves that looked ancient... Kitty commented she used them as 'man storage' :p


One of the 'main' tunnels with the air vent at the end.


All in all worth a mooch and I believe kitty has naming rights should she wish to do so. :)

The name was inspired by our post-photography munchies, kitty's underground bakery products have to be tasted to be believed! :D

Thanks for looking. :thumb

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