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Report - The Mushroom Factory - North Yorkshire 24th Oct 2010


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I planned on visiting a paper mill in Selby this morning, but when I arrived it was virtually demolished, and what was left was being ransacked by pikies, so it was time to implement 'operation mushroom', my back up plan!

I have passed this place on the train so many times, but never knew what it was for, what interested me was the little boom on a length of rail that seemed to travel backwards and forwards spraying stuff. Having seen a few other reports on this place, and also having languished in my exploration of late, I decided to get my sorry ass out this morning for an explore of Monaghan Mushrooms, at Gateforth, just south of Thorpe Willoughby.

I might be wrong here, but whilst there is lots of tunnels for the growing of mushrooms, there is also some nissen type huts within the complex, looking at Google maps, the site is a few miles north of what was RAF Burn, so I wonder if this was an outbase for the airfield at some distant point in the past.

The business ran from 1981 through to August 2008, and was not without its problems, in that the composting process caused terrible smells that the local residents complained about. It turns out that little boom on rails I had wondered about was used to spray the compost to keep the smell down. The site has suffered from many arson attacks, lots of fly tipping, and it is clear from some of the rooms that local chavs frequently visit. The Selby Times has a report dated September 2009 stating it might reopen, but there is no evidence at the site currently.

It is astonishing the volume of crap dumped at this site, as the photos show, you can also have good fun with the light in the tunnels, ladies and gentelmen, please enjoy:

Colourful tunnel:


Large pipe, like some tentacle:











RAF Driffield has a sofa escaping from a window, Monaghan Mushrooms has a chair appearing from the ceiling:mrgreen:


Growing crates, to say that there are lots of these is a massive understatement:


Final one from me, a colourful room in a nissen hut:


Loads more on my flickr site.

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