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Report - The Mushroom Factory - Selby, August 2012

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Gateforth Park Mushroom Factory

Evening Ladies and Gents, my second report here showing the Mushroom Factory near Selby. Sadly the place has suffered from quite a few arson attacks, the most recent in February of this year and the place is pretty well and truly trashed. The site opened in 1981 and operated without issue until it closed down in 2008 and I can't find a reason why, probably financial issues? Since then the place has been vandalised continuously and really is in a state! The factory still has a few areas of interest however and being local I thought it'd be worth a mooch about, so here's a few shots I picked up in a half hour walk around.

Looking down the green houses


Still Standing... Just!


Please, Make yourself at home...


Poly Tunnel, would like to return and take a few more in these.


The Canteen


An Invoice for repairs, would make a rather large invoice if I decided to write out a new one!


And finally a shot from inside the factory itself.


So that's all guys, my second report, not as interesting as the first but a nice chilled out walk about the site :thumb

Haha, cheers for reading!

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