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Report - The New Ritz, Clipstone 22/11/09


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Davious and I decided to pop up the M1 to Clipstone on Sunday, to have a look at the headstocks. DoratheExplorer had been arranging to meet up with us there but due to unforseen circumstances, there were just the two of us.

On the way through Clipstone village, we noticed a little art deco cinema-turned-pub. After having taken some pics of the headstocks and walked round Vicar Water, we decided to go back to the pub, The New Ritz, and take a gander.

The originally red brick exterior of the pub is now painted black and cream. The windows have all been replaced with the dreaded UPVC. It looks as though there ought to have been stained glass in the narrow slits at the front of the building on ground floor level. I have done a lot of searching online to try to find out what it used to look like in times gone by, to no avail.

Inside, the foyer is now the bar area. Two alcoves either side of the foyer house a pool table and widescreen tv. Presumably these areas used to be where you got your drinks and popcorn. The auditorium is now a function room. We asked about the projection room, but that has been stripped out and a kitchen has taken it's place.

According to the staff, rumour has it that there are passageways underneath the cinema that have been bricked over when the pub cellar was created.

Since it was built in 1936,the Ritz has been through many changes of use, according to the bar staff. Before it was a pub, it used to be a snooker hall. Planning permission to demolish it and put up 30 apartments was refused last year.



Inside, some of the old details can still be seen


Underneath the new staging can be seen the old tiers where the seating was, and the steps down the centre.


Timetable of films and classifications, in what is now the pool alcove

The tented ceiling hides the original art deco streamlining. We got a couple of pictures of the original ceiling when the tenant shoved the fabric aside with a broom, but they didn't come out well enough to put up on here.

And finally, out the back.


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