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Report - The North Wales Hospital, Denbigh - December 2016


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Hello All,
A friend and I recently decided to make a 2 hour journey to Denbigh Asylum for a fun day out.
I attempted this a few weeks back but was confronted by police as soon as I stepped out my car, the police office wasn't too bad and was intrigued by my drone even asking me to take off so he could see.

Getting off topic, we came in through the back entrance and first came to the chapel which seemed impenetrable (if someone knows how to get in please message me), with blocked up windows and doors, small grates in the brick work showed that the interior was bare.


We then walked down towards the large silos, we came to the conclusion that these silos could of been used for coal storage for heating the asylum, with a small building by the side of the silos which seemed to contain a large scale that went up passed 10,000kg,



We then moved down from this location to find what looked like a rear conservatory/greenhouse type extension on what looked like on the inside to be a hospital wing.


Inside there were still railings where the curtains were hung and in one of the rooms the curtains were still hanging over the window.

We walked through this building into a courtyard style area

Where we decided to explore the building on the far right, where we found a creepy old record player.


After this building we proceeded into the main building, before I continue I should mention this was quite a spur of the moment trip so I picked up my camera with my normal lens and not my wide angle which is why I haven't taken many photos of the main building.

That being said, the interior of the building despite the floors being knocked out the structural work was stunning and if i had my fish eye lens I would of got some beautiful shots. I did manage to capture this though


We were there a good couple of hour but still only ended up only exploring half of the possibilities. I have another few photos that I would like to share.


(I assume this could of been dropped by an explorer using it to get some nice shots)


(Clueless to what this could of been, sorry for the shake snapped this on the move whist going to check out some of the more modern buildings to the rear of the asylum.)

And finally.

Thank-you for reading :)


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Cheers mate, yeh it is really messed up, saw a bunch of kids who were making a load of noise and looked like they were up to no good.
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