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Report - The North Wales Hospital, Denbigh , Jan 2017


The Scho
So we visited here a few weeks prior but it was dark so we decided to return early this time ,
You all know the history I will get some from online and put it on ,
This is the first day time explore for us in a few years.

A report friom the daily mail

Collapsed roofs, mangled cages and sunken floors - these are the eerie pictures taken inside an abandoned psychiatric hospital where patients were once locked up and given lobotomies.
The abandoned site in north Wales, known as Denbigh Asylum, has been partially devastated by fire while there are still cages intact that were used to prevent patients escaping from their designated areas.
More than 20 patients were selected for prefrontal lobotomy treatments between 1942 and 1944 at the hospital, with one patient dying from the controversial procedure.
Lobotomies, which consisted of the removal of parts of the brain, began to be routinely carried out in the 1930s as a supposed treatment for those considered insane - but the barbaric practice was stopped two decades later with the introduction of antipsychotic medicines.
The once eloquent and imposing building was built in 1848 and designed by architect Thomas Full James. It was designated for closure by MP Enoch Powell in 1960 and was finally shut for good in 1995.
Photographer Mathew Growcoot described the scene: 'It was by far the creepiest place I have ever been into. There were so many strange noises emanating from the buildings that I really didn't want to wander too far from my companion.
'At one point we both heard what sounded like a groan and just stopped and stared at each other. I don't believe in ghosts but I didn't want to hang around.'
The site has been subject to a compulsory purchase order by Denbighshire council. But that is being appealed by the site's current owners. The front facade is Grade II listed and a proposal to build homes around the entrance has been put forward. However, the restoration cost is set to be close to a million pounds.
Mr Growcoot added: 'It was in a really poor state. It looked as thought a bomb had tore through the site, everything was damaged. There was nothing to stop you entering the site and as a result the vandalism and fire damage was plain to see.
'I wonder how far a million pounds would go to restoring the hospital. Seems as though it would make more sense to flatten the site and start over.'

The explore

we decided this time to take the private road way it this time opposed to the wall at the front this was we was not worried about been seen .
Looks like Elwyn dose not bother anybody anymore, Our initial visit we was very worried about the stories and videos about him .

We ventured round without bumping into anybody minus some people in the distance smashing stuff up in the nurses block which was disgusting.
My main aim was to find the chair and box that was underground featured on most hunted but I am guessing it went when the hall was set alight .
This time we covered everywhere minus the front building as we did that on our previous visits and also the morgue as I believe it should be left be. Been in High Royds and really is not a nice place to be for me personally .
so here is the pictures ......





















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Warm... Not really a report as there is potentially only one photo attached,which you have inserted as a link to another page.

You need yo click the preview button before submitting to make sure all is working correctly.


The Scho
Will have to do a folder with the rest just having computer problems ATM
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Baby Anarchist

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Very Erie place, such a beautiful building ,not much left in there of fixture and fitting So needs to have some vision and money spent on it,


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The Scho
You can only edit a post for 24 hours then it gets locked down.

With any report, the best option is to put 10-12 of your best photos on the report, then link to the rest of the photos, should anyone wish to see more, rather than people scrolling though many many images.

Thank you that was my aim I was having massive problems within lap top it kept RE starting ! Was hoping to spruce it up today on work computer , what a shame !!

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