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Report - The OakHill, Hong Kong. Mar '15


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I said recently that I didn't see the point of posting a load of reports for rooftops unless they were something at least a bit special. Probably that's got something to do with the sheer amount of tall buildings here and just how easy it can be to get up them. On a couple of occasions now I've managed to stand on top of half a dozen separate 30 story plus buildings during my walk home from work.
It's got to the point where I can't tell one from another in pictures, and most of those pictures have at least a couple of roofs in that I've also been up. That's not meant as 'look at how epic I am, rather a justification for a certain lethargy towards posting them.

This is at least a little more interesting I think, hopefully you'll agree.


The OakHill is a 58 story residential building in the Wan Chai area of hong kong, measuring 180m or 590ft it's jointly the 138th tallest building in Hong Kong. Started in 2008 and completed in 2011.
It's also staggeringly expensive, I've had a look at the property prices here and to buy this view would set you back close to 39m HKD, that's almost 3.5m in English. If you're a bit short to buy outright then fear not, there is the option of 150,000 HKD monthly instalments if preferred.
There's not a lot more that I can tell you really, but here's some pictures..







Remember what I said about spotting other roofs I've stood on? Below is the spire from the building in the centre of the picture above.



The building with the Pepsi logo on the billboard here is the one that Vadim and Vitaly reprogrammed for the what's up hong kong video. Still a work in progress for me at the moment, as you might expect it's a little more secure now..




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Stunning stuff, looks like something out of Blade Runner.

I like how at 590ft it still "only" manages to be the joint 138th highest in Hong Kong! Put's into perspective the ridiculous levels of scale out there. Always enjoy the the shots you post from HK, keep em coming.



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Hong Kong has an epic skyline, one of the best in the world in my opinion, and you've done it great justice :thumb I really enjoyed looking through these, cheers for sharing :thumb


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They are just proper lovely! Always impressed with your shots Dr H :thumb


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lovely, i wondered when more was coming from your time over there.
I'm still here, but to be honest there are so many similar rooftops that I've done that it's hardly worth making a thread for each. I might do something like a first quarter round up, but it'll be about a hundred roofs all in maybe a 2 sq mile area, so it's all a bit repetitive.