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Report - The Old Red House Pub - Northamptonshire - June 2019


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This former public house opened around 1875 and went by various names until its closure in 2003. For a decade the building was left to rack and ruin and then in 2013 planning permission was granted to knock the whole lot down. At the time a petition/campaign was started by a smattering of locals to save the building and nothing much has happened since.

Couple of interesting things about the place. Firstly, the year that it closed it was actually voted pub of the year. I wouldn't want to go out on the town with the voters if this is their idea of good as the place was clearly a little tacky and the menu on the wall looked limited, to put it nicely. Secondly, there is anecdotal information that a previous landlord killed himself on the top floor. As a result some nonsense pops up when searching about ghosts. To each their own, I guess.

Our visit

Visited on a sunny weekday afternoon with the wife. We had planned on somewhere else but it didn't pan out so, as we were passing we figured we would check this out. This place isn't too much to get excited about. It has been fully trashed by the local youths and certainly looks better on the outside than in. Ah well, still something new - even if it does look like every other derpy old country pub. As a bonus, there was a spitfire flying circuits overhead so not all bad.

On to the pics, hope you enjoy...

What the place used to look like. I tried to get a decent picture from this front aspect but there are a few more cars around these days and after about 3 minutes loitering I gave up.


Changed a little now.


Good to know.


And then the inside. Absolutely everything is trashed, obviously.









The upstairs areas all looked similarly buggered.



And that's about it really. Thanks for looking and keep on derping good folks.

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