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Haven't dont this as a report because I don't think the explore was quite big enough and for reasons below we didn't go in the main house, but such an interesting site with so much history.

I checked the place out on Streetview before our visit which shows a building with walls intact but when we got there part of the cob wall to the older part of the house had collapsed, presumably within the last year. The whole building is virtually swaying in the wind - taking a closer look inside there are floors and ceilings down everywhere and the weirdest sight of a toilet suspended in the air by its waste pipe alone; another building is being held up by Acrow props.

The site is made up of the oldest cob building which dates from around 1800 which is Grade II listed, joined by a newer grey stone Victorian wing from 1846 and then a coach house which was built at the same time as the original house. it's an unusual location for a vicarage because there doesn't seem to be a church nearby. Great Western railways bought the house in 1939 to use as offices and workers cottages. There was a plan to run a new railway line through this part of town and there was a suggestion the vicarage could be the new station but it never happened.

There is currently a contentious development plan to demolish part of the listed cob building and build new homes on the site. Residents have complained about anti-social and drunken behaviour at the vicarage (this is after the vicar left), along with vandals and 'trophy hunters' and writing on the inside walls suggests it was also used as a squat. It seems to have been abandoned over 20 years ago but in the last 10 years a man and van apparently turned up and proceeded to take half the roof tiles which obviously hasn't helped. It's caused an unusual situation where people are calling for someone to hurry up and build houses there but problems with demolishing the listed cob building continue to cause problems. Here's some photos anyway.












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