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Report - The Old Vinyl Factory, Hayes


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After seeing this site from the train window I did a little research and found that it is indeed disused, and in need of exploration. I walked the perimeter last week and noted cameras and bulk security signage. And you know what that means. Yup, there is stuff worth looking at behind the high fencing.
I planned to go today and arrived there mid afternoon, in the rain. Good for me I thought, putting the words fat, doughnut, rent-a-cop and the phrase chair 'shaped ass together' in a sentence, in my mind.


There are camera overlooking most of the open areas inside the fences, so I approached cautiously.

I went past this one first as I walked up the street


And this is the second


The first time I was here I noted the angle these cameras were set at and planned my route to stay hidden. When I got right under cam 2 I saw it had moved and I had been in view all the time. I watched it and saw it was not following me (secca sleeping I guess)So I decided to go boldly ahead, and with the aid of a rake and a traffic cone I nipped over the wall, and found I was visible to another camera.

Too bad, I half expected a car to arrive with two or three stroppy lads to biff me out but it did not happen.

I wanted to go in here





But did not see an entrance.

And the same with the big building, but that did not look as interesting anyway. Everything is boarded up and locked off.


And the adventurer is given warning, now I am really scared!!

SO this was my next target


It seems to have been office space backing onto a warehouse.



Most of this floor is just a big space open to the elements, and populated by pigeons. In fact there is a large colony of the birds here, many dead ones lying about and deep droppings.
The further I went the more I saw.



I made my way through the building and eventually onto the roof, where I found the an elevator head plant room.






And although I was not expecting cross dressing, there was a tiny tranny in the corner!


And I got the rooftop air handling units as well.


And this hatch all but disappeared


And then.......my camera battery went flat. :eek:

So I continued back down and moved toward the second part of the building, what I found to be the warehouse part. I saw that the doors had all been locked off and I could not get through. But I found a hole I could squeeze through and then as I walked further into the building I found that I was coming upon much more interesting rooms. There were still lots of birds, but there was water now, and ferns and even small trees were flourishing indoors.
I spent about two hours trawling about overall I think, I was not paying attention really. And the only part that was somewhat concerning was as I was making my way out I heard someone with a loudspeaker or megaphone outside. I assumed that I had been seen and that they were trying to flush me out. So I waited and scoped the area. I did not see anybody or any car outside, so I waited. When it seemed safe I left the building and made my way out.

So, this site is a bit tricky to get into. It is exposed and there are at least five cameras that I saw. There are busy premisses over the street overlooking a large bare yard you need to cross. There is a tower block overlooking the side courtyard as well as a camera overlooking the car-park to the rear.

I went in on the bank holiday, hopefully when everybody still had a hangover from last night and would not bother me.

I came home filthy and wet, but I got a few good shots off and had fun.

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