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Report - The Packard Automotive Plant - USA, November 2011


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This is an explore Gantry Steele and I (and a few of our Detroit-based friends) did a few years ago of the Packard Plant in Detroit, Michigan (my home town!).

The Packard auto plant covers around 40 acres of land on Detroit's East side. It was opened in 1903 and closed in 1958, although many businesses still operated within certain areas of the complex. The last business closed in 2010 after being in business on the premises for 52 years.

It's a ruin now, but there are still fantastic views of downtown Detroit from it's upper floors--thieves have ransacked the place for copper wire and rebar--it's collapsing in upon itself in many places because of this, but the main supports are still holding, so it never felt unsafe to me. (as long as you stay away from the edge.) ;)

Banksy has tagged the Packard a couple of times, and both times his artwork has been removed. Once by a non-profit organization, and the second by a developer.

Plans for the future of the Packard are sketchy--it's so big, the cost of demolition has daunted pretty much everyone involved. So it remains empty--with the exception of taggers, squatters, photographers and urbexers--(there were at least 2 other photoshoots happening the day we were there!).



Class (heh):

The Mexican Leg Party room:

Every floor looks pretty much like this--it's been completely gutted:

Gantry Steele wearing his best suit and standing on the roof overlooking the city (as he does--well, as he does when I ask him to, which makes him pretty damn awesome in my book):


Scott Hocking's 'Garden of the Gods' installation:

Hey, my first report is officially done. woo! (and, whew!)