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Report - The Party is over, but ts time for one last look....The Hamptons, Long Island USA


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On Long Island NY there is well known night club back to the early 1700's In its later years it was an over the top party to the limit club...After years of neglect it closed 2 years ago. On a Christmas visit to Long Island to see my Brother in Law I decided it was time for me to make an entrance. I did some serious partying at this place back in the day so exploring would be a bit of going home.

In one form or other it’s been a Stage Coach Stop, Inn, Vacation Lodge and rowdy Full Bore Bawdy Barn from the 70’s until it shut a few years ago.

Historic Pic in Better TImes

Years of neglect brought the old gal to its knees and its fallen into the hands of developers. Townies want to save the old Gal…her future uncertain.

The band stand and sunken dance floor to the right. The far end to the left houses some private party rooms but all the rest is one freakin long bar snaking through the whole place.


Its fenced and pretty well sealed…cops drive around it fairly regularly…I ended up crawling in through a ventilation duct into the older part of the building..A part I had never been in


The last incarnation was as the Colesium…My memories are of it as the OBI East.


It was always a hard rock place to me but one of the private backer rooms was set up for the *dance * set

Even a room with lingerie sales…for when the ladies made a good score for the night


Except for my flashlight and flash this place was virtually pitch black..with rare exception everything is either light painted or * gasp * flash


A small part of the 100+ foot long bar snaking to lounge and stage area

The Lounge about the only place some sunlight was peaking in and I could put away the flashlight

The sunken dance floor and stage on the left..Despite the stogy appearnace this was an over the top party place its last few decades. Where long ago, when he was just shocking and not looking like a perverted ancient maiden Aunt. Twisted Sister screamed his shit. Along with an endless parade pretty decent bands. The shit hanging from the ceiling is the remnants of light show set ups

Backside bye bye


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