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Report - The Poplars - Swansea (June 2019)


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This is my first report so please go easy on me, haven’t seen anything on this place before!


Constructed c1890 by a local industrialist Friedrich William Dahne and originally called Friedrichsruh. Dahne is believed to be Austrian. He is recorded as advertising for a ‘Working Housekeeper’ in October 1899 and the house and grounds are first shown on the 2nd ed OS map of 1900. It is referred to as an ‘Attractive modern country mansion’ on its sale in 1913, by which point F Dahne had presumably died as the house was occupied (October 1914) by Friedrich’s son David. By the mid C20 it had been renamed The Poplars.

The design of The Poplars has been attributed to Glendinning Moxham (1865-1946) an architect active in South Wales and resident in Swansea. Moxham published Country Homes & Cottages in 1910 illustrated with his own designs of built and proposed houses. In it he outlines his stylistic preferences for white painted roughcast walls and half timbering rather than exposed local stone, and red tiles used for walls and roofs. Internally oak is used for principal joinery elements (stair, beams, doors and panelling) with the remainder painted. He also puts forward ideas on plan types, with practical plans with deep windows preferred over an attractive elevation.

Moxham designed the Glyn Vivian Art Gallery (1909), banks, hospitals and markets and other buildings throughout Wales. Glen Hir on Gower Road (1900-1910) designed with a French influence of shutters and swept roofs has been attributed to Moxham. Moxham was responsible for the Old English style Bristol Channel Yacht Club (1904) on Mumble s Road. Swiss or Alpine styles had been used in the Swansea area during the C19 with the Swiss Cottage in Singleton Park constructed in 1826 and the Old Rectory in Llanmadoc village (1876-77) by the Rev J D Davies.

I believe this property was on the market and is now sold, it is currently being refurbished.

The Explore

Access to the actual grounds was easy, all we had to do was walk around the gate and follow the dirt road up to property however we did notice a lot of motion detects leading up and around the property, we stuck around for a while to see if anyone would come but no one did. Getting in was a bit of a tight squeeze! Once in it was a fairly relaxed, easy explore although we were slightly on edge as we were expecting security to turn up. The place is completely empty so there’s not much to see on the inside but the exterior of the house, the staircase and few of the rooms do make up for this.




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Great first report. This site is just down the road from me and I'm itching to explore it! Just hope I haven't missed my chance with the renovation work taking place

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