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Report - The Priory Care Home - Worthing, Sept 2016

Mitch Fogle

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28DL Full Member
History: The Priory Care Home was a 41 bed residential service for older people with Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease, the top floor of the building was used for live in care staff. The Home closed in August 2009 and an application for a newly developed care home in 2014 and in January 2018, approval was discussed within Worthing Council but no updates since.

The Explore: Me and a buddy explored this on a rainy little day in West Sussex. The property takes up such a large space with fencing surrounding the local park and a large gate out the front. We did this explore during the day as we heard there might be some encounters with people living in the property. A simple hop of the fence and we were in. The building is met at the end of a long overgrown gravel drive and opens up to a large amount of land that it rests on. Walking around the building we could see ripped off doors and shattered windows, easy access for us. Upon entering the building we were met with a mix of the past and emptiness. Some parts completely deserted with shatters of glass and other parts with decorations of home made arts and crafts, broken wardrobes and a few desks. Some of the building was inaccessible but most of it was free roam and a bit eerie, almost a sense of anxiety being in the building. We spent a good two hours slowly walking around he place, soaking in the history and quietness of the building, appreciating what nature has overtaken. Upon reaching the top floor which used to house members of staff, voices were heard and a room filled with needles and old food and a mattress was discovered. Unfortunately our time was cut short to further explore as we were chased out of the location by a man who I presume was living there.