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Report - The Queens Head Pub, Coggeshall Road, Colchester, June 2016


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The Queens head is one of those places that has spent more of its life closed down then actually open. You drive past so often that you forget it is even there. We decided after driving past one day that it was probably worth a look as it still looks in good condition.


Its past is fairly hard to find, what i did find is the following. The Queens head Re opened in July 2008 after being closed for the last 13 years, It was renovated and a lot of money spent on bringing the pub up to date after being derelict for such a long period of time. It was one of only a few pubs to sell the local Red Fox Brewery selection. However its opening was short lived and it shut its doors again in 2011 due to unknown circumstances. Its situated on the A120 a few miles out from Marks Tey between Colchester and Braintree.

Our Visit

We went for a little scope out one evening in the dark just to find a way in etc. getting in wasn't very difficult all be it a little on the noisy side. After a quick look round we called it an evening and decided it was worth coming back with a camera.

We returned with a little more visibility and camera's at the ready. The condition inside seems very good considering how long it was been empty for, no sign of graffiti or smashed windows or vandalism. A lot of junk and basic catering gear has been left. Chairs still lurk about and the tables are stacked on top of each other giving the look of an end of service clean up. We where momentarily scared s***less when a huge bang came from the very sizable conservatory, i have never been so pleased to see a trapped pigeon in my life, it made one hell of a racket. All in all not a bad little explore if your passing.

Oh and one word of warning,

Watch out for the Dragon :eek:










Thanks for reading :thumb



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Not to shabby this . Nice find thx for posting. Oh and I do love dragons lol


Some things are best left untouched!
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Recently been burnt out :(


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From what I could make out , sounds like insurance job. Turns out it's owned by three different people, one of which being the owner of the Chinese restaurant that operated there, who isn't in the country

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