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Report - The Regal Cinema - Bacup - June 2020


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Judging by what id seen of this cinema before i wasn't expecting it to be report worthy but actually there was quite a few more details to see than any other reports would suggest. This was one of the original derp cinemas on my list in 2009, i didn't have much luck back then and not for many attempts after either tbh! Its probably been at least 5 years since i last checked it tho and with a couple of reports on the forum since then i was expecting to just stop off quickly to tick a box, here we are tho!

Sure this place is a proper flea pit, the auditorium takes up most of the buildings footprint with a small stage cut off at an angle by the rear wall. An under stage cellar probably once housed the boilers and a fan room but the kit is long gone now. At the front of house there is a small lobby with an really nice terrazzo double staircase that spirals up to each side of the circle. The projection room is accessed by a tiny internal staircase and bathrooms can be found in a small lean-too extension on the rear. Other than that there was one or two cubby holes and a single spare room, perhaps a managers office, where the floor had totally collapsed.

Obviously the highlight of this building, internally at least, is the cracking sunburst proscenium. Despite how fucked the building was it is a bit 'lesser spotted' and i really quite enjoyed it so its a solid 6.5/10.

cinematreasures said:
Located in a good position very near to the centre of this attractive little Lancashire town. Built on the site of the Bacup Public Hall/Gem Cinema/Kozy Picture House. It opened on 7th September 1931 as the New Regal Super Cinema with 960 seats split between stalls and balcony. It is constructed of stone with a largely white faience facade the circular shield once spelt out ‘Regal’ but has been changed to bingo. It was designed by local architect Harry Cropper and the auditorium side-walls had painted panels of scenic views decorated by Messrs Goodalls of Manchester.

Above the diminutive entrance is a large stained glass window which lights the circle foyer. It has a particularly wide proscenium for a relatively small cinema at 45 feet wide. It was taken over by the Leeds based Star Cinemas chain in around 1959. It was closed as a cinema in the late-1960’s, and converted into the New Embassy Bingo Club, later to be re-named Roxy Bingo Club.

The bingo club closed in the early-2000’s, and the building put up ‘For Sale’ at 45,000 GB Pounds, reflecting the property’s need for upgrading. Despite the estate agents warning, the building is solidly constructed and appears superficially to be sound, but there seems to have been some vandalism inside.



















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it's bad as the Carlton at Tuebrook, Liverpool
which reminded me of a house of cards.


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I need a sign in my house stating drop a penny in the slot and slide knob lol

Nice colours, reminds me of the one in Kingston that is forever being redeveloped!


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I was working up here and driving past this every day for a month or so around christmas time, was working too long hours to get the daylight to do it and then kept forgetting to take a headtorch with me....wish i had taken an early day now and made the effort.....
Special place in itself bacup is, first night digging it there went to the pub for food and there was a bloke passed out in the bogs with his head sticking out the bottom of the stall at about 530