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Lead or Rumour info - The Regent, Clevedon, Somerset

Little Mike

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Hi Folks, i'm a fairly new user to the site but thought this might be useful to anyone in the area before the place gets knocked about by developers.

New future for derelict pub - Business - North Somerset Times

I last visited this place a week after it finally closed its doors 9 years ago as a permission visit from the then owner and had a good old rummage through the whole place before it was intended to be turned into flats.... Even though the pub closed 9 years ago, some parts of the building had been disused for a lot longer than that (possibly later 80s or early 90s)

Anyway, the new owner just let it sit there since 2005 although now i believe its been sold on again and work is starting, so it would be a shame to miss this place before it gets turned into flats and shops etc.

If anyone is interested i can provide a fairly detailed description of the building layout (its deceptively huge and over several floors)and interesting things i saw in there which may or may not still be in situ (for example: one of the several staff flats above was a bit of a time capsule, found newspapers and mags from 1989, and another had a rather large collection of escort agency cards stuck to the walls)

However i will warn anyone who does enter that the upper floors are a little bit hazardous as some of the roof has caved in and the staircase was pretty dodgy 10 years ago, god knows what its like now.