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Report - The Rock, Fire station, Bury, Greater Manchester - Jan 2013


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Bury Fire station

History: The Rock Fire station was opened in 1967, two years after work began, costing £167,000 to build. The Rock station is the third station on this site and they were all built on top of each other, so the move to the new station marked the end of a very long era. The Rock closed in July 2012. Green Watch were on duty for the final time at The Rock station, they were called out at 9pm to a house in Hollins where a pensioner had burnt a pie in a microwave. (How you can ever burn a pie in a microwave i will never know).
Fire crews had dealt with numerous major incidents over the decades. One of the most tragic was a house fire in Massey Street, Bury, on Christmas Day 1984, which claimed the lives of nine people, four of whom were children. Firefighters completed the landmark move from the ageing station at The Rock to a state-of-the-art base at the Chamberhall Business Park. The £1.8 million centre is the most environmentally friendly fire station in the North West. It allows firefighters to collect rainwater to fight fires and flush toilets and also makes use of solar heating and power.

Attendees: Bibsta(Me), RK (Mate).

Lets begin, this is only my second explore and when i arrived and having a look round trying to find my way in the first thing that came to mind was maybe i might have bit off more then i can chew this place was locked down TIGHT!!
I managed to make my way into the the engine yard, taking a few pics as i went. Every door had either a combination lock on or a big massive padlock :(

Ohhh a hose kinda:

The tower looks better in the day, can see a green light on the tower in this picture but wasn't visible to the eye and it appeared on all 3 pictures i took??

So get to the base of the tower and some one had kindly taken the door off for me, some ones hit this places before some doors had screwdriver marks where people have been trying to get inside:

i was expecting stairs up the inside :(, I did find these controls though :)


by this time i made the school boy error of not charging the camera before i came out so took a few last snaps and headed out. Chips anyone?

Think this place is worth a revisit i will get to my pole!!


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