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Report - THE ROCK FIRE STATION bury -mar 16

scotty markfour

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
hISTORY- The rock fire station opened in 1965 as part of the lancashire fire brigade , in april 1974 it became part of the fledgling greater manchester borough , bury fire brigade became part of the greater manchester county fire service , the rock was the third fire fighting building to stand on the site .
greater manchester fire and rescue services closed the station in 2012 after 45 years service to the people of bury and surrounding districts , the rock has now been replaced by a state of the art community fire station in magdalene road bury .
the 5 bay station and headquarters remains abandoned and complete very near the town centre !

THE VISIT- while coming back from a re-visit to the old bury police station i felt the urge to put a kfc into my neck , when me and my derping sidekick @Cazel#HT came out we wandered across the car park to find my car and we happened to casually look at the fire station , we went over and stared through the windows to see what it was like , then we patrolled around the perimeter and i found a possible way in ! a week later we came back suitable prepared for a quick entry just before sun up , after entering we set off an alarm in under 1 minute !!!!! WARNING ! YOUR PRESENCE HAS BEEN RECORDED AND SECURITY OFFICERS ARE ON THERE WAY ! at this point we scarpered covering our point of entry , we waited at a point to see if any secca turned up , after about half an hour i went back to hear that the alarms had re-set themselves and no security vans had turned up to see what the racket was ! in we went again checking every nook n cranny for sensors , we covered a few rooms and crawled down corridors on our hands n knees to avoid the sensors which were set at waist height , we set of the alarms again by opening a door straight into a sensor , FUCK ! we yet again legged it but was not able to hide our entry again , we sat in my car and noted the response times of the secca , after half an hour 2 security vans from the council turned up to check the perimeter , and then entered the station to flush us out in case we had remained inside ! luckily they never found our entry point ! lol....we had a good chuckle at seeing them scratch there heads , when they gave up we sneaked back in more aware of where all the sensors where set up ! we spent another hour or so cautiously checking the place out , all the staircases were covered by sensors with no way around them , we bit the bullet and said FUCK IT ! we purposely set off the sensor on a stairwell knowing that there was no way around it ! we ran upstairs and took some shots while timing ourselves so we were long gone before secca turned back up in force , we was bloody knackered by the time we left , as far as i know this may be the first report on this fire station ! if you know different then let me know please !

THE PICS- as usual the shots were taken with my beloved canon 10-18mm wide angled lens , feel lost using anything else !































Choo Choo m8ty

Mr Reality Hacker
Regular User
Very nice and a decent read. Gratz on doing this. I've been on a nosey for a while at this. Allways knew it was belled up. So just left it be. Really nice to see it. Now time for that Rochdale one to finally shut it's door with the for sale up. Lol.


28DL Regular User
Regular User
Nice report as always mate.. shame about the pole, as I was scrolling down I was hoping and praying for a pole pic haha :)

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